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In accordance with the principles of sustainable tourism defined in the World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20, we intend to exceed the expectations of our guests by providing a warm and personalized service in a framework where large spaces and nature are combined at its best, thus achieving imprint indelible memories in the memory of those who visit us. We also intend to leave a mark in terms of environmental responsibility on our guests.


To be the Hotel Reference of the Province of Santa Cruz for quality of service and an unbeatable location.



VOCATION FOR SERVICE: We are convinced that technical capacity is not enough to exceed the expectations of our guests.


LEADERSHIP: We carry a vision that pushes us to constantly seek new ways to make ourselves more competitive every day, making the most of the resources we have at our disposal.

COMMITMENT: We only conceive a management that is driven by honest, consistent and responsible conduct, with clients, with each other and with the community. Management that undertakes to comply with current legal regulations, safety and health, environmental, protection of biodiversity and cultural heritage and other regulations applicable to our activity.


RESPECT: We understand that there is no reason or situation that justifies inappropriate treatment of any person.


COOPERATION: Everyone's effort is the engine that will allow us to achieve our objectives and continually improve over time.


ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY: The commitment to care for the environment belongs to everyone and the need to do so is immediate. For this reason, we are committed to identifying and reducing the environmental impacts derived from our activity through the responsible use of resources, waste management and the conservation of our environment.



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