We take care of ourselves

We take care of you

Ensuring your safety is our premise, that is why we acquired industrial ozone generating cannons for cleaning common spaces and suites

Ozone is considered, according to the World Health Organization, as the most efficient disinfectant against all types of microorganisms, including viral agents. Using ozone as a disinfectant has the advantage that it acts very quickly and effectively against bacteria, viruses, fungi or protozoa, in addition to decomposing quickly and without residual

To all our guests:

Our establishment always stands out for its cleanliness as well as the human warmth of our staff, that is why so that you can enjoy the city of El Calafate again with tranquility. We have improved our cleaning processes incorporating new technologies and certified products to ensure your well-being. Protocols have been created following the guidelines established by local and international tourism entities.

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Cleaning in the Suites:

To guarantee the total cleaning of the Suites and their sanitization, we have compiled the most information and technologies provided by our Safety and Hygiene technicians .

The measures implemented are the following:


  • The suites are disinfected using ozone generators, which guarantee the disinfection of the most remote places.

  • We will constantly maintain a thorough cleaning using 5th generation disinfectants, as well as systematic ventilation.

  • All brochures or graphic elements will be replaced by digital means.

  • The hotel staff will not enter the room while the guest is in it.

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dibujo areas publicas

Public areas :

Our large windows with beautiful views guarantee the renewal of air in the areas with the highest traffic.

The measures we implement are the following:


  • Capacity limitation in elevators.

  • Disinfection with ozone generator.

  • Hand sanitizing stations in the different public areas .

  • Cleaning frequency in high traffic areas will be increased .

  • Use of masks by our guests and staff.

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It seeks to reduce personal contact as well as speed up the entry of our guests .

The measures we implement are the following:


  • Within 24 hours. Prior to entering the hotel, the registration form will be sent digitally to be completed. In this, everything necessary will be requested according to the National regulations.

  • Upon entering the hotel, the temperature will be taken with a laser thermometer and you will be asked to use the sanitizing shoe mat.

  • The luggage will undergo a disinfection process, before being taken to the room.

  • The cards for entering the room will be disinfected before reuse.

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dibujo staff

Our staff:

Together with the Safety and Hygiene Technicians, our staff is being trained according to the current biosecurity protocols.

The measures implemented are the following:


  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) delivered.

  • Constant training and awareness. Daily homework evaluations.

  • The temperature will be taken upon entering the hotel as well as a health examination.

  • Use mandatory of mask.

dibujo restaurantes

Our gastronomic spaces :

We will take all the necessary measures for the correct reception of our suppliers as well as special care for the storage of our products.

The measures we implement are the following:


  • The number of diners in the gastronomic spaces will be limited.

  • Disinfection with ozone generator.

  • Sanitizing elements are available to diners.

  • The menus will be in digital format.

  • The dishes will be provided once the diners are at the table.

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Our pool area:

To offer our guests the possibility of enjoying this space in a safe way, respecting the current sanitary measures. ​​

  • Ventilate the area frequently.

  • Daily cleaning of the bottom of the pool, and continuous filtering of the water according to procedure.

  • The daily control of pH and chlorine is increased to 3 times a day (opening, noon and closing).

  • Ph level 7.2-7.8 and chlorine 1 and 3 ppm. Keep a corresponding record.

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Ensuring the safety of our guests and continuing to provide our services is our top priority.

  • The service will be carried out with a pre-assigned shift. The conditions of the same must be informed. The letter is available in digital format.

  • The guest must enter with a mask or chinstrap and slippers.

  • Cleaning and disinfection of the stretcher and the sector must be carried out between shifts. In case of using a canvas or sheet that covers the stretcher, it must be changed between each guest.

  • Only when the massage is on the back can the guest (face down) remove the chinstrap, otherwise it must always be worn.

  • The masseuse must wear the chinstrap or mask / mask throughout the session.

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