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Free Smoke Hotel
Not Pet  Allowed
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General Hotel Rules
Telephone Interns
  • Front Desk - 4th Level
    Int. 0/450
    Check in: 2:00 pm
    Check out: 11:00 am

  • Coral Lounge - Breakfast- 4th Level
    Hours: 6:30 am -10: 30 am

  • Pierrot Lobby Bar - 4th Level
    Int. 420
    Hours: 8 am -1 am

  • Lunch box service at Pierrot Lobby Bar - 4th Level
    Hours: 11 am-10:00 pm

  • Mora Restaurant- 4th Level
    Int. 495
    Hours: 7 pm - 11:30 pm

  • Huerta & Fuegos- 

       Horario: 11 am - 5:00 pm

  • Zen Spa & Gym - 1st Level
    Int. 390
    Hours: 10 am - 10 pm

  • Laundry: Bag and instructions form in the closet

  • Net wifi and PC - 4th Level
    Network: Hotel Xelena
    User: Xelena

       Password: xelenalibre

  • Shuttle: Free transfer to the city center. Check the schedules on the attached map.

  • Location of elevators - 4th Level
    Elevator 1 near reception:

       Rooms 501 - 610
       Elevator 2 at end of the hallway:

       Rooms 301-111

  • In the rooms you will find 3 remote controls: 1-TV, 2 Air Conditioning, 3-Curtains.

  • Our check-in time is at 2 pm and the check-out time is at 11 am.

  • During your stay, visits will be received in the Lobby, as they are not allowed in the room.

  • You have a safety box available so the hotel is not responsible for the objects left in the room or for theft or theft of vehicles, nor for valuables left inside them as well as for those left in public areas .

  • From 10 pm in all rooms the acoustic volume must be moderate. It is also a norm to keep silence at night in the corridors and on the stairs. From 24 hours, the silence will be absolute. Unless the hotel has scheduled an event that lasts longer than the above schedule.

  • Please keep in mind that cooking, heating food is not allowed in the entire hotel in order to avoid smoke or odor emissions, as well as not carrying out activities inside the rooms that jeopardize the safety of the guests and / or damage the installations. It is not allowed to enter with food and / or drinks purchased outside the establishment. The hotel has gourmet spaces where they can assist you according to your needs.

  • The entry of children under 14 years into the SPA and gym area must be accompanied by an adult. It is allowed to enter with a water diaper into the pool. At the same time, it is recalled that it is a relaxing space, therefore it is not allowed to carry out any activity that may alter the climate of tranquility.

  • There is a charge of US $ 200 per night per room for each infraction or non-compliance with the conditions indicated above.

  • We comply with informing you that according to National Law 26,687 SMOKING is PROHIBITED in closed public spaces. Consequently, smoking is not allowed in any internal area of the Hotel.

  • In the same sense, we regret to inform you that, due to the consequences that the act of smoking produces in the rooms (smoke, stains, burns, tobacco odor, etc.), we will be in the situation of charging the amount of US $ 350 in your account for each night of your stay and per room, regardless of when and how many times you have done so, if you do not comply with this provision.

  • Any questions do not hesitate to ask at the Reception (internal 450).

  • Please note that the ultimate goal of these standards is to ensure a pleasant stay.

Zen Spa (int. 390)

Regain your harmony with our treatments specially created to provide deep relaxation and a pleasant feeling of well-being. We suggest you make your reservation in advance to guarantee availability.

  • Xelena Relax

Head-to-toe massage in different successive movements. Acupressure is applied at energetic points, massages on the scalp and drainage of the limbs to promote circulation.


45 mins
30 mins
20 mins
Only neck and back


  •  Decontracting Massage

Complete treatment that includes a variety of maneuvers with the purpose of sedating and reducing the pain of those muscle groups that are contracted. Facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body.

45 mins
30 mins

  • Relaxed Feet and Legs

Foot reflexology, performed with the fingertips, relaxing the feet and legs. It is accompanied by a quick leg massage and lower limb drainage.


20 mins


  • Hot Stones

Technique by which hot stones are applied to eliminate tension, muscle pain and energy imbalances. Once the stones are located in each area of ​​the body, massages are performed to achieve total harmonization.

45 mins
30 mins


  • Lymphatic Drainage

Gentle, slow and rhythmic massage technique, in order to eliminate excess liquids and metabolic waste by lymphatic routes. Highly recommended for flaccidity, cellulite, localized fat, different types of edema and any decrease in return circulation.

45 mins
30 mins

Room Service (int. 420)
  • Breakfast

       Classic Breakfast

Coffee, tea or herbal teas, croissants, toasts on lactal bread, butter, jam, dulce de leche, toasted ham and cheese, fruit salad, orange juice.


Light Breakfast

Coffee, tea or herbal teas, toast on bran bread, cream cheese, honey, light jam, scrambled egg whites with tomato and cheese, low-fat yogurt with fruit and cereals, orange juice.

  • Cafeteria



Espresso with milk


Double Coffee
Double Espresso


Coffee with milk






Tea and infusions


Inti Zen Tea

  • Homemade Pastry

Croissants (3)



Fifteen Cake

Cake of the Day

  • Alcoholic beverages

Glass of wine




  • Appetizers / Appetizers


Fernet Branca


(Rosso, Bianco, Dry)



Johnnie Walker Red Label

Chivas Regal 12 years


Sparkling / Sparkling Wines

Salentein Brut Nature

Saurus Extra Brut

  • Soft drinks

Mineral water

Flavored water


Orange juice

Multi-fruit smoothie​

  • Sándwiches



De Campo

Un Clásico


Xelena Club Sándwich

  • Soups


Angel Hair & vegetables soup

Creamy green peas & cheese soup

Roasted pumpkin soup with toasted sunflower seeds

  •  Salad


Chicken caesar

  • Pasta

Tagliatelle with olives, tomato

Ricotta ravioli, ham and thyme with sauce

Pasta di Cecco cream, filet or carbonara

  • Desserts / Desserts

Homemade flan

Fruit salad

Chocolate and red berry mousse

  • Cheese, cold cuts and smoked platter (for 2)

  • Cheese board and smoked meats

Serrano ham, Creole cheese, thick minced salami, pork tenderloin, feta cheese, smoked deer, smoked salmon, smoked cheese, olives, dried fruit and focaccia bread tostón).

  • Empanadas


Knife cut meat

Patagonian lamb

  • Individual Pizza

Tomato sauce, mozzarella.

  • Vegetarian

Sauteed vegetables, mozzarella.

  • Italian

Provolone cheese, roasted tomatoes, basil pesto.

Lunch Box Service

Pierrot Bistró Lobby Bar  (int. 420)
11:00 am-10:00pm

We offer 5 lunch box options so you can comfortably carry your excursion in a thermal bag.
Any food restriction do not hesitate to contact us to adapt it to your needs.

  • René Favaloro 3500

  • El Calafate, Santa Cruz - Patagonia

  • ​​Tel: +54 2902 496201 / 496202 / 496203

  • Tel reservas: +54 11 4328-1340

  • Wsp:+549116884-1405


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