We continue with our commitment to El Calafate

Because it is very important to take care of our planet

That is why we have our premise to continue contributing with their care and promoting it in our guests.

these are our 2020 measurements



We elaborate a waste management procedure and we place differentiated garbage bins in the dining room of our staff, to continue betting on the separation of organic waste.


we continue with the recycling of oil

For a few years we have been committed to packaging it and taking it to the collection center of the Municipality for recycling.

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We strengthen the separation of organic waste.



Because we are convinced that our sustainable actions infect the families of Xelena and this in turn generates a multiplier effect in our town, we are trained via zoom with La Semilla Ecoproyectos "My Ecological Footprint and household waste management"



In return for the training, we donated 200 stabilizer bags that they distribute to the community during the trainings of the Community Environmental Education Campaign: "My Plastic-Free World"

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Energy and water management

Continuing with the energy efficiency program, we placed motion sensors in the reception public toilets and in internal sectors such as the staff changing rooms

To sensitize and make our guests aware of sustainability, we publish digital information with awareness plates on the hotel's website.

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We made donations of disused electrical equipment to the Labrador Youth Education Center, and ceramics for the floor of the new office of the Zone IV Fire Department.

Program "The Hotel opens its doors to the community"

We provide our spaces for the realization of the exhibition of photographs and paintings, Dos Miradas, in January 2020

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As part of our commitment to promote knowledge of the local flora among our guests, we reinforced our Estepario Garden located in the Huerta & Fuegos area.

We carried out the second edition of the Cleaning of the Round Bay of Lake Argentino activity, in the area near the hotel

As an activity of conservation of our natural heritage and awareness of our staff with sustainable management. We start when the lake water withdraws. We can find kilos of waste that contaminate this water mirror and the birds that live there.

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