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Our sustainable actions

Committed to our sustainable management, we tell you about the actions we carry out during 2019

Macetas recicladas
cesto reciclado_Wondershare_Wondershare.
dibujo tierra
dibujo 100% Organic 3

Since 2016 we have carried out the separation of recyclable waste, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, tetra brik, and cans in both operational and guest areas- In this way we join the Garrahan Foundation campaigns with the recycling of paper and the Fundación Bosques with the plastic bottles, through the local association La Semilla Eco-Proyectos.


Did you know that in 2019 we avoided disposing of 21,812 plastic bottles or the equivalent of 473 kgs of plastic in Calafate waste, and that thanks to this it could be reused to make different products such as clothing, footwear, bags, rugs?


We started with the separation of organic waste, we implemented the use of compost bins.

We deliver 6 kgs per day of food waste to the TAMA animal protection association, during the high season.


We place shampoo and conditioner dispensers in all rooms, thereby eliminating individual bottles of those products. With this action in just four months, we avoid discarding 33,833 plastic bottles or the equivalent of 1,692 kgs in the waste of our city

dibujo ambientalismo
capac eco.png
huerta eco.png

We train with La Semilla Eco-Projects in Composting. This compost serves as food for the plants in our garden!

dibujo Brócoli
dibujo tomate
dibujo perro mirando

Continuing with the energy efficiency program, where in 2018 we managed to replace 100% of halogen lamps with LEDs in all common areas, rooms and operating areas. We also place motion sensors in internal sectors such as the employees' dining room, maintenance offices.


To continue optimizing the use and saving of water, we installed a consumption meter. This action is in addition to our towel reuse policies, the use of gray water to irrigate our gardens and the provision of water reducers in the showers in our rooms

dibujo regadera
dibujo Bombilla
Mano tocando el agua

Our AAyBB team made Easter eggs intervened with images that represent Principle 10, of the Rights of the Child:

The child must be protected against practices that may promote racial, religious or other discrimination. He must be brought up in a spirit of understanding, tolerance, friendship among peoples, peace and universal brotherhood, and fully aware that he must devote his energies and abilities to the service of his fellow men. And just as they respect it, they must respect themselves.

We deliver them to the two youngest schools in the town, the Garden No. 63 and the Primary School No. 89 with a dual purpose:

  • May this principle serve as an instrument to work together with the children as future tourist hosts of our city

  • to get around it and generate income for your


Dibujo de conejo
pascua2 staff.png

Program The Hotel opens its doors to the community


We offer our spaces for the realization of 2 samples of local artists, Sparkles in the aridity, watercolors of birds and native plants and Time out of Time, Shared artistic practices.

dibujo Cepillo de pintura

We held a healthy cooking talk in the Ámbar room open to the community with our chef                Guillermo         Vergara and Pablo Martín, as a promotion of the El Calafate Gastronomic Week.

dibujo olla cocinar

In May we cooperated with Housekeeping internships for the Ces, Centro de Estudios Superiores Padre Alberto De Agostini, in Housekeeping.

dibujo Mochila

We collaborate with the Tourist Project for 1 day of the Colegio Padre Manuel Gonzalez, as every year since 2013.

dibujo Lápiz
Maestro de escuela Día

We contribute with different institutions in the donation of sheets, towels, and other elements, services.

dibujo Corazón y Manos

In order to sensitize and make our guests aware of sustainability, we publish a code of conduct for responsible tourists in the elevators and reception areas.

imagen 10 recomendaciones para un turismo sostenible
dibujo flores

As an activity of conservation of our natural heritage and awareness of our collaborators with sustainable management, we started the Cleaning activity of the Round Bay of Lake Argentino, in the area near the hotel. When the water is withdrawn we can find kilos of waste that contaminate this water mirror and the birds that live there.

We are committed to promoting knowledge of the local flora among our guests and we created a Steppe Garden with identifying signs in the Huerta & Fuegos area.

dibujo Ilustrado Rose Bud
foto staff del Xelena recogiendo basura de la bahía del lago Argentino
foto staff del Xelena recogiendo basura de la bahía del lago Argentino
foto jardín estepario, plantas locales
foto jardín estepario, plantas locales
dibujo Botánica
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