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Committed to sustainable management

Since 2016, Xelena joined the AHT's Greenest Hotels Program, applying in the first instance to the Bronze level ecolabel and since 2019 we decided to grow at a higher level of sustainability, which is why we work to apply the Silver level. 

The Greener Hotels eco-label is the distinctive that recognizes and certifies those Argentine hotels that demonstrate sustainable management, respectful of the environment and socially responsible with the community and with the tourist destination in which they carry out their activity.

The certified hotels use management systems and continuous improvement seeking the conservation and improvement of the cultural and natural heritage of the destination, we carry out social responsibility actions and we comply with the legal and security requirements of the hotel; We comply with quality standards in the service and communicate the actions carried out to our collaborators, guests and the local community, thus allowing an improvement in competitiveness and brand image.

These are the actions we carry out in our management:

Waste management:
  • We carry out the separation of waste: recyclable, organic for composting, hazardous waste. We invite our guests to this action, we have 2 recycling stations.

  • We eliminated the individual shampoo and conditioner containers and replaced them with dispensers.

  • We carry out cleaning campaigns of the Round Bay of Lake Argentino

  • Lavender sachets project.

Energy management:
  • We replace 100% of traditional luminaire to led luminaire.

  • Lights with motion sensors were placed in internal sectors.

  • The lighting circuits were divided into guest corridors.

  • With each new purchase, we prioritize the purchase of more eco-efficient air conditioning equipment, for example, the air conditioners that were incorporated.

Water management:
  • We have water reducers in all room showers, without affecting the quality of the service.

  • We promote the towel reuse policy.

  • We use gray water to irrigate our gardens.

Purchase management

Based on a balance between quality and prices, Xelena's purchasing policy encourages and prioritizes:


  • Buying from local suppliers.

  • Buying local products.

  • The purchase of environmentally sustainable products.

  • Buying from companies that have good practices.

Management of human resources
  • Responsible hiring policy.

  • Incentive and benefit program for our collaborators.

  • Awareness training plan for management and continuous improvement.

Commitment to the community
  • We provide our facilities for internships at the CES, local tertiary school, in Hospitality, Gastronomy and Technique in Tourism.

  • We collaborate with the Tourist Program for a day at the Padre Manuel González Secondary School.

  • We give our spaces for the realization of samples of local artists.

  • We collaborate in donations and various requests.

  • We develop the Easter Integration Project.

  • We built our Huerta together with the students of the Young Labrador Educational Center.

Conservation and dissemination of cultural and natural heritage
  • We prioritize the inclusion of local and regional products in our menus.

  • We have a code of conduct and good practices for a responsible visit of our guests to our destination.

  • Steppe garden project, we plant and identify plants typical of the steppe, the location of the hotel, for the knowledge of our guests.

We develop a sustainable gastronomy
  • Products are suitable for our breakfast: lactose-free, seed milk and gluten-free, in baked goods and cookies.

  • Menus are suitable for celiac.

  • We prioritize the purchase of km 0 products (proximity products).

  • We spread our cultural heritage through local, regional and national gastronomy.

  • Huerta & Fuegos and Pascua de Integración Project.

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